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Our Story

Nathan Davis, Photographer

Initially I had the idea to save up for a nice camera not for photography, but to use for shooting videos of myself playing guitar. I had the thought that I should probably try taking some photos of things. Just to see how good the camera was. I’ve always enjoyed photography, but that day, the pictures I had taken sparked a fire. They looked amazing!  Over the past few years I have absolutely fell in love with photography and really studied and leveled up my photo skills.  I started taking macro shots and I was amazed at how beautiful they were. How we never really stop and look at things smaller than us anymore. I then started portraits of friends and family. Making others smile and feel beautiful is so much fun. I was also diving into sunsets. How can you go wrong with a sunset!? There is something so spiritual and serene about the sun going down over the horizon and splitting the light in so many directions and colors. It’s like capturing a moment of life and seeing it smile back at you.

Taking my photography a step further in post processing, I bring out the details, balance colors, and have the photo really pop. That is a feeling that is hard to describe, but very enjoyable. Almost like being a child and coloring in your favorite coloring book.

I hope to share with all of you these great works of art. Not limited to just wall art, but tiny little moments of life. Captured to immerse yourself in another place; a backdrop for a day dream.

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